Join our campaign to recruit, train and fund 45 progressive black candidates

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The Challenge

A 2014 study conducted by Who Leads Us, a project of the Reflective Democracy Campaign, found that while white men are 31% of the population in the United States, they hold 65% of all elected offices. In addition, the study also found that 90% of all elected officials in the United States are white, while only making up 63% of our population. In a democracy, the government should reflect its citizenry and right now, our democracy does not.

Our Solution

The challenges we face are not insurmountable. We have hope that by working collectively, pooling our resources and our networks, we can inspire and equip a new generation of African American political leaders to become elected office holders.


recruitment & training

By recruiting and training African American candidates to run up and down the ballot, we will excite the black electorate and usher in a new political institution dedicated solely to electing black candidates on the local, state and federal level. In addition, we will ensure our endorsed candidates and their campaign staff are trained from top notch political professionals ensuring best practices are utilized and campaigns succeed.



Having great candidates and campaign staff is useless unless you have committed donors at both the grassroots and max levels. In order to be successful we have to develop dedicated black political donors who will support our endorsed candidates up and down the ballot. Whether we’re asking for $25 or $2700, without committed donors we cannot build black political power.


research & best practices

There continues to be a tremendous need for research on black elected officials and the black electorate. We hope to be a venue to conduct, house and promote scientific findings on our work and the opportunities that appear before us. We also will promote best practices in voter engagement targeting the black electorate.

“The proof that
one truly believes
is in action.”

Baynard Rustin