#Organize45 Launches To Recruit 45 Progressive Black Candidates

1972 was an incredible year for Black politics in this country. Amid national turmoil, key institutions and organizing efforts were launched to galvanize much of the Black Power Movement to engage politically. A year after the founding of The Congressional Black Caucus, one of its Members, Representative Shirley Chisolm, embarked on an incredible and historic Presidential Campaign becoming the first woman and black major-party candidate.

And a few months after her announcement, over 8,000 African Americans traveled to Gary, Indiana on March 10, 1972 for the first ever National Black Political Convention. This historic gathering saw one of the first ever “black agendas” created. In spite of limited resources, technology and political power, the work that happened in 1972 was transformational in that it awakened the imagination and possibilities of black politics. And 45 years later, it is time for us to boost black politics again.

Today, The Collective PAC is launching #Organize45, a campaign to recruit, train, fund and elect 45 progressive black candidates all across this country. We’re taking nominations right now on our website and we’re going to work to get those nominated, trained and prepared to launch their campaigns. And based on our capacity and priorities, we’re going to fund at least 45 of these campaigns, leading to the election of 45 fresh voices to public office around the nation.

Whether its the fact that our 45th President has emboldened and uplifted white supremacist leaders and policy priorities, or the realization that 90% of all elected officials in the country are white, we have work to do. We hope you consider joining our effort to build black political power.

You can find out more information by visiting www.CollectivePAC.org.

Quentin James is the Founder and Executive Director of The Collective PAC. A seasoned political organizer, most recently Quentin was the COO of Vestige Strategies where he designed and implemented organizing, political and community engagement campaigns for various clients including Trinidad & Tobago’s Prime Minister; the Governor of Lagos, Nigeria; Adrian Garcia for Congress; Google; Tumblr; and SC State Senator Karl Allen. Quentin is the co-founder of Inclusv, a diversity hiring initiative and a former National Board Member for the NAACP. Quentin was recently named one of the 2017 NBC BLK28 Under 28.