Press Release

The Collective PAC Endorses Devin Pandy for Mayor of Gainesville, Georgia

Friday, September 10th, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, The Collective PAC — the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political engagement, representation and power across all levels of government — endorsed Devin Pandy for Mayor of Gainesville, Georgia. 

Mr. Devin Pandy was born in Belize City, Belize and raised in New York by a nurturing mother and a strong father who served in Desert Storm as part of the U.S. Army. From a young age, Mr. Pandy knew that he too would like to serve his country and join the Army, and enlisted right after high school. 

After 21 years and five deployments, he retired as chief warrant officer II and a Wounded Warrior. Once retired, Mr. Pandy spent the next few years deciding where he would like to put down roots, and after spending some time in Gainesville, he knew that he wanted to call this city home. 

Founders of The Collective PAC, Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, released the following statement: 

“The Collective PAC is proud to endorse Devin Pandy for Mayor of Gainesville, Georgia. Mr. Pandy served his country faithfully in the United States Army for 21 years and now would like to continue that service as mayor. He understands how wonderful the city of Gainesville is, but has also witnessed firsthand the untapped potential the current administration has left on the table. If elected mayor, Mr. Pandy will focus on more affordable housing, development and revitalization of underserved communities and ending the 278g immigration – law enforcement program. With a deep sense of honor, integrity and courage, The Collective PAC knows that Mr. Pandy will make a wonderful mayor for the people of Gainesville, Georgia.”



The Collective PAC is working to create an America where Black people are equally represented at every level of government. The Collective PAC is strategically focused on creating a truly equitable democracy where our nation’s local, state and federal governments have diverse and talented elected leadership and Black people are fully represented in positions of power to create the policies necessary to progress our communities forward.