Press Release

The Collective PAC Endorses Six More Candidates to Send to Capitol Hill

Thursday, September 15th, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, The Collective PAC  — the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political engagement, representation, and power across all levels of government — endorsed five candidates for the United States House of Representatives in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Ohio, and one candidate for the United States Senate in Arkansas.


  • Ms. Natalie James is running to represent Arkansas in the United States Senate. Ms. James started her career as a realtor which led to her being appointed to the City of Little Rock Landing Commission, which partners owners with blight properties to improve and invest in the neighborhood. In 2021 she was appointed to serve as Chair of the Branch Political Action Committee for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). If elected, Ms. James aspires to expand access to affordable healthcare by improving the Affordable Healthcare Act, invest in public education, and revoke tax breaks for corporations and prioritizing assistance and investment for small businesses.

  • Dr. Quintessa Hathaway is running to represent Arkansas’s Second Congressional District. Dr. Hathaway has served the community as a tenured educator for the past 14 years and has personally conducted voter registration drives across three states for three presidential elections and five congressional cycles. She is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and lead consultant of Q. Hathaway & Associates, LLC; a results-driven education consulting and professional development provider. If elected, Dr. Hathaway plans to transform pre-kindergarten through higher education, expand voter’s rights and mobilization, and advocate for economic empowerment and development. 



  • Mr. Maxwell Frost is running for Florida’s Tenth Congressional District. Mr. Frost currently serves as a national organizer with the American Civil Liberties Union. He is dedicated to fighting for justice and in 2020 led a youth voter turnout program with a record turnout, which helped hold a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, flip the majority in the U.S. Senate, and helped elect President Biden. If elected, Mr. Frost aspires to end gun violence, transform the criminal justice system, expand medicare to be inclusive, and end the climate crisis. 



  • Mrs. Liz Johnson is running for Georgia’s 12th Congressional District. For over 20 years, Mrs. Johnson has served the Georgia Democratic Party at the county, district, and state levels. She has served on the Statesboro Regional Library Board, Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children, and a school zoning board. If elected, Mrs. Johnson aspires to advocate for security for senior citizens and veterans, accessible healthcare, and safer communities.



  • Mr. Glenn Ivey is running for Maryland’s Fourth Congressional District. Mr. Ivey formerly served as the State Attorney in Prince George’s County in Maryland and Assistant U.S. Attorney; where he created Prince George’s County Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit and a mortgage fraud unit. He’s running to create job opportunities, ensure accessible healthcare and housing, and create accountability in our justice system. 



  • Dr. Vanessa Enoch is running for Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District. Dr. Enoch is a  community organizer, educator, business owner, and public policy and business consultant. Dr. Enoch’s business Cultural Impact LLC, specializes in management consulting services that ensure business growth and expansion. Currently, she oversees the creation of two trauma centers for PTSD treatment for the community in Cincinnati, Ohio. If elected, Dr. Enoch plans to end mass incarceration, provide access to affordable healthcare, and increase the support of small businesses. 


Founders of The Collective PAC, Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, released the following statement:

“The Collective PAC is proud to endorse Natalie James and Dr. Quintessa Hathaway in Arkansas,  Maxwell Frost in Florida,  Liz Johnson in Georgia, Glenn Ivey in Maryland, and Dr. Vanessa Enoch in Ohio for the general election. These change-makers know what it takes to move things forward in Washington and relentlessly and courageously fight for their communities. They are among an increasing number of Black candidates running this midterm cycle, and with their voices and victories, we are one step closer to achieving equity within government.” 




The Collective PAC is working to create an America where Black people are equally represented at every level of government. The Collective PAC is strategically focused on creating a truly equitable democracy where our nation’s local, state, and federal governments have diverse and talented elected leadership and Black people are fully represented in positions of power to create the policies necessary to progress our communities forward. Over the past five years, The Collective PAC has successfully helped 300 Black candidates win elections across the United States.