Press Release

The Collective PAC Endorses Tawnya Morris for Mayor of Southfield, Michigan

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, The Collective PAC, the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political engagement, representation and power across all levels of government, endorsed Tawnya Morris for Mayor of Southfield, Michigan. Founders of The Collective PAC, Quentin James and Stefanie Brown James, released the following statement: 

“The Collective PAC is excited to endorse Tawnya Morris for Mayor of Southfield, Michigan. As a member of the Southfield City Council for the past five years and chair of the Neighborhood Service Committee, Councilwoman Morris has implemented programs that helped increase neighborhood revitalization efforts by bringing together residents, businesses and government. For the past 23 years, Councilwoman Morris’ work in community and economic development has significantly impacted thousands of families in the metropolitan Detroit area. Councilwoman Morris continues to be an advocate for jobs, justice, and equality, and The Collective PAC knows she will continue leading Southfield from a position of strength and integrity if she is elected as mayor this fall.”

Councilwoman Tawnya Morris is a proud graduate of Southfield High School and has invested over 35 years in the city as a homeowner and community leader. Her two biggest passions are voting rights and fair housing, and the councilwoman has had major wins on both fronts fighting on behalf of her community. Councilwoman Morris was able to return primary election voting to Southfield after it was unjustly removed, and wrote a resolution that helped homeowners avoid losing their homes to foreclosure. After doing all she can as a member of the city council, Tawnya Morris is ready to make the City of Southfield more transparent, equitable and inclusive for all. 



The Collective PAC is working to create an America where Black people are equally represented at every level of government. The Collective PAC is strategically focused on creating a truly equitable democracy where our nation’s local, state and federal governments have diverse and talented elected leadership and Black people are fully represented in positions of power to create the policies necessary to progress our communities forward.