Artists & Influencers Council

The Collective PAC’s Artists & Influencers Council is an advisory council that supports the mission and vision of The Collective – political equity for Black people. The Collective works to address the challenge of Black underrepresentation in elected seats of power throughout our nation. We believe Black elected representation should be commensurate to the Black population of our cities, states and the nation. The Collective works to dismantle structural barriers to Black political participation and power through education, advocacy, fundraising, endorsements, and electioneering.

We know that the best way to amplify the voices of Black people is to increase their representation across all levels of government nationwide, from the most local municipal office to the Oval Office.

If you’re an artist or Influencer and interested in joining this cause, please fill out the survey below to help us determine how to get you started helping us build Black political power.