TIME | 11.30.22

House Democrats Pick Top Leadership That Includes Zero White Men—A First for Congress

When Nancy Pelosi this month announced the end of her historic tenure as the first female Speaker of the House, she set the stage for another historic shift in American politics: for the first time in U.S. history, the top ranks of House leadership for one party won’t include any white men. Keep Reading »

Poltico | 11.23.22

Black mayors are leading the nation’s biggest cities for the first time

New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston will all have Black leaders once Karen Bass is sworn in next month as the first woman to serve as chief executive in LA. Keep Reading »

The 19th News | 11.18.22

‘People underestimated them’: Advocates for Black women in politics want the Democratic Party to learn from the midterms

Runs by Cheri Beasley, Val Demings and Stacey Abrams both underscored long-standing challenges to Black women who run — and showed their potential. Keep Reading »

The Grio | 11.17.22

Georgia runoffs were inspired by racism — how Black voters can still overcome

Runoff elections were the brainchild of a pro-segregation politician, and strict new rules in the Raphael Warnock vs. Herschel Walker showdown are continuing his legacy. Keep Reading »

NPR | 11.9.22

How Democrats’ outreach to Black voters impacted the election

Joining us now is Quentin James. He is president of The Collective. It's a political action committee that works to get Black candidates elected. In June of 2021, he was on this program urging Democrats not to wait to engage voters of color. Let's listen. Keep Reading »