NPR | 6.9.21

Report Details Where Things Went Wrong For Democrats In The 2020 Election

NPR's Leila Fadel talks to Quentin James, president and founder of The Collective PAC, about a new report on the Democratic Party's successes and failures up and down the ballot in the 2020 election. Keep Reading »

Politico | 6.8.21

Virginia’s Democratic primary is historically diverse. Its frontrunners aren’t.

Money and name recognition have shaped the contours of Virginia’s off-year Democratic primary. They have also edged out the women and people of color vying for some of the state’s top offices. Keep Reading »

USA Today | 6.7.21

‘We’re not a monolith’: Democratic 2020 autopsy sends warning about outreach to voters of color

Democrats shouldn't expect the racially diverse coalition who helped defeat former President Donald Trump and win the Senate to automatically show up in in the next nationwide election. Keep Reading »

NBC News | 6.7.21

Democrats ding own party for failing to persuade minorities, explain values in 2020

A new report warns that Republicans made the "defund the police" movement toxic for moderate Democrats. Keep Reading »

New York Times | 6.6.21

Democratic Report Raises 2022 Alarms on Messaging and Voter Outreach

A new report, in perhaps the most thorough soul-searching done by either party this year, points to an urgent need for the party to present a positive economic agenda and rebut Republican misinformation. Keep Reading »