The Trio | 10.17.21

Black Senate candidates see unprecedented campaign fundraising success

The historic fundraising haul could foreshadow a reshaping of the Senate in coming years, according to a Politico report Keep Reading »

Politico | 10.17.21

‘This is the future’: Black Senate candidates crush fundraising expectations

Across the Senate map, Black candidates posted blowout numbers in the most recent campaign reporting period. Keep Reading »

THE RINGER | 9.30.21

Black Political Power and Looking Ahead to the 2022 Midterms With Quentin James

Bakari and Quentin James discuss the Black political power that helped elect Biden, and how Kamala Harris is being used as vice president Keep Reading »

The Washington Post | 9.29.21

Democrats worry a loss in Virginia could set off a cascade of election troubles

President Biden’s slumping approval ratings and gridlock on Capitol Hill have raised the risk that Democrats could lose the Virginia governor’s race, according to party insiders who fear a defeat could spark broader legislative and electoral problems in the coming year. Keep Reading »

Axios | 9.14.21

Black Democrats target GOP

A growing group of Black Democrats — mostly men — is stepping up to try to unseat Republican House members in California, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina and Illinois. Keep Reading »