SPECTRUM NEWS 1 | 11.18.21

AG James endorsed by political action committee seeking to expand Black representation

Democratic candidate for governor Letitia James on Thursday was endorsed by a political action committee that has pushed for increasing Black political engagement and representation in government. Keep Reading »

ROLL CALL | 11.18.21

At the Races: Hitting the road

The Collective PAC, which supports Black candidates, announced this week it was backing state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary. Keep Reading »

NEWS NATION NOW | 11.17.21

Gas prices, House censure and another hiccup in the Rittenhouse trial

NewsNation’s Brian Entin reports from Kenosha, Wisconsin as we wait for a verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Quentin James, founder and president of Collective PAC, which seeks to elect more Black candidates to public office, weighs in. Keep Reading »

WCPN | 11.15.21

Justin Bibb won the Cleveland mayor’s race with relentless campaigning and connections big and small

Before the Sept. 14 primary, when Marquez Brown was knocking on doors for the incumbent city councilman in Ward 17, he noticed blue “Bibb!” signs in yards across the far West Side neighborhood. Keep Reading »

USA Today | 11.12.21

How critical race theory went from conservative battle cry to mainstream powder keg

Two years ago, the term critical race theory was largely unknown outside of academia. One week ago, it helped determine an election. Keep Reading »