NPR | 11.9.22

How Democrats’ outreach to Black voters impacted the election

Joining us now is Quentin James. He is president of The Collective. It's a political action committee that works to get Black candidates elected. In June of 2021, he was on this program urging Democrats not to wait to engage voters of color. Let's listen. Keep Reading »

Delaware Coast Press | 11.9.22

Wes Moore makes history as Maryland’s next governor

Wes Moore has made history, elected as Maryland's first Black governor, according to The Associated Press. And he isn't alone: Aruna Miller, Moore's running mate who immigrated from India, is the first Asian-American elected statewide in Maryland. Keep Reading »

The 19th News | 11.9.22

With Val Demings’ and Cheri Beasley’s losses, there are still no Black women in the U.S. Senate

The Senate has had no Black women since Kamala Harris became the country’s first woman vice president nearly two years ago. This year, two candidates had a chance of changing that: Cheri Beasley of North Carolina and Val Demings of Florida. Both Democrats, they emerged as competitive candidates in races that favored their Republican opponents, even surpassing them in fundraising. Keep Reading »

Capital B News | 11.8.22

Why So Many Black Candidates Struggled in the Midterm Elections

Republican-controlled redistricting maps have diluted the power of the Black vote in many states. Keep Reading »

Capital B | 11.7.22

The Black Candidates to Watch on Election Day

The stakes are high for Black Americans, who are running in historic numbers to weigh in on critical issues from abortion to inflation. Keep Reading »