Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

The Collective’s Board of Advisors strategically assists our team in fulfilling our mission to increase black political representation in the democratic process. Our Board attends one (1) annual in-person meeting and three (3) quarterly conference calls per year, they each give/raise at least $25,000 to The Collective (PAC, Super PAC, c4 or c3) per calendar year, recommend candidates for endorsement by The Collective and they provide strategic advice to The Collective Co-Founders, staff and consultants.


Debra Langford


Los Angeles, CA


Heather Foster


San Francisco, CA


Jeff Johnson


Baltimore, MD


Jewel Burks Solomon


Atlanta, GA


Kimberly Blackwell


Atlanta, GA


Kurt Summers


Chicago, IL


Layne Eskridge


Los Angeles, CA


Mayor Michael Tubbs


Stockton, CA


Oscar Joyner


Dallas, TX


Quentin James


Cleveland, OH


Robert Raben


Washington, DC


Stefanie Brown James


Cleveland, OH


Susan Chapman-Hughes


New York, NY