Our Team

Quentin James

Founder & President

Stefanie Brown James

Founder & Senior Advisor

Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye

National Political & Organizing Director


Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye is the National Political and Organizing Director for the Collective PAC.

Kevin is a passionate and dedicated advocate with an extensive background in community organizing and political advocacy. He is a proud graduate of the University of Rhode Island, where he holds a BA in Political Science and History and received his Juris Doctor from Roger Williams University School of Law.

Kevin is an experienced campaign operative who has worked on numerous campaigns from the municipal, county, state, and federal level. Before joining The Collective PAC, Kevin served as the Executive Director and Senior Advisor to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee, where he covered national political party relations and served as the Coordinated Campaign Director for Senator Cory Booker. Prior to that, Kevin served as the first Black Executive Director in the history of the Rhode Island Democratic Party. After assuming that role in June 2017, Kevin and his team built one of the largest grassroots campaigns in the state’s history, helping to secure historic victories up and down the ballot.

Marcie Knuckles

Creative & Merchandising Associate


Marcie Knuckles is the Creative & Merchandising Associate with The Collective. Prior to working for CPAC, she was the Marketing and Graphic Specialist for Antioch Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. Her goal is to help CPAC expand its marketing and visual presence to increase the brand, growth and message of the organization.