The Collective 100

The Collective 100 is the young professional, under 40, fundraising arm of The Collective PAC.  This group has grown out of our grassroots fundraising efforts, building on the success of many of our lead organizers and hosts. Our goal is to maintain the passion and enthusiasm of Millennials and channel that excitement into creating a sound and stable organization that will pave the way for building Black political power for decades to come.


The primary focus of the Collective 100  is to raise money in support of The Collective PAC and its endorsed candidates. Money raised will go directly to recruiting, training and funding Black candidates on the local, state and federal level. In addition, The Collective is working to train and support individuals interested in becoming premier staffers on these campaigns.

We also aim to engage, empower, and organize Millennials in our effort to help build a fundraising infrastructure for the next Black President so that when he or she decides to run for president, they will have a millennial led fundraising infrastructure, resources, and supporters ready to lead and serve.


As the Collective 100 grows, you will be its leaders, taking an active role in harnessing the energy of Millennials across the country by cultivating the next generation of political fundraisers. Your leadership and commitment to this effort, and The Collective PAC, will play an integral part in the Collective 100’s long-term stability. Your ideas, experience, and outreach will be an inspiration to others as we grow our membership across the country.


As a member of the Collective 100, your membership requirements are as follows:

  • Support The Collective’s endorsed slate of candidates via social media, email and word of mouth to your local, regional and national networks
  • Support on the ground civic engagement programs and trainings hosted in your city/region
  • Host at least one fundraiser in your city or region in support of The Collective PAC


We aim to provide valuable networking opportunities for our Collective 100 members through national conference calls with significant surrogates, regional meetings and trainings, and a national listserv. The Collective 100 members will also have the opportunity to interact with The Collective PAC leadership across the country and have voting power in determining our endorsed candidates.


The Collective 100 is the the young professional, under 40, fundraising arm of The Collective PAC. Members of the Collective 100 commit to give or raise at least $1,000 by the end of cycle, raising $250 per quarter. Below is an overview of the Collective 100 commitment levels:

National Co-Chair – Write/raise $5,000 per cycle
Regional Lead – Write/raise $2,500 per cycle
Member – Write/raise $1,000 per cycle

Although you may have fundraising experience, The Collective PAC leadership understands that fundraising is not an easy task. And though this may be new for you, The Collective PAC leadership team will provide the support via  calls, toolkits, and other resources whether you are a veteran or a beginner in order to ensure you’re able to fulfill your fundraising commitment.