Press Release

The Collective PAC Endorses a Slate of Candidates For Statewide Office in Alabama, California, Georgia, and Florida

Thursday, May 12th, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, The Collective PAC  — the nation’s largest political action committee dedicated to increasing Black political engagement, representation, and power across all levels of government  —  has endorsed a slate of candidates running for statewide office in Alabama, California, Georgia, and Florida.


  • Mr. Wendell Major is running for Attorney General in Alabama. Mr. Major is a U.S. Marine Corp. Veteran, former Deputy Sheriff, and currently serves as the first Black Police Chief of the City of Tarrant, Alabama. He has dedicated his entire life to protecting and serving the community.  If elected, he plans to put the safety of every Alabama resident over politics.



  • Dr. Shirley Weber is running for Secretary of State in California. After being nominated to the position in the fall of 2020, Dr. Weber was confirmed in January of 2021 by a bipartisan majority in both houses of the California legislature. Secretary Webber is committed to strengthening voting rights, improving transparency within elections, and continuing to restore the trust between the community and the government. 



  • Ms. Chandra Farley is running for Georgia’s Public Service Commission. Ms. Farley currently serves as the CEO of ReSolve, a consulting practice focusing on increasing the impact of energy and climate initiatives. If elected, she aspires to build an equitable, affordable, and clean future for all Georgia residents. 



  • Ms. Aramis Ayala is running for Attorney General in Florida. Ms. Ayala is a civil rights advocate and former Florida State Attorney, who served as a public defender and Assistant State Attorney for almost 15 years. If elected, she plans to advocate for voting and civil rights, reproductive rights, and give a voice to all Floridians. If elected, Ms. Ayala will once again make history as Florida’s first Black Attorney General. 



The Collective PAC is working to create an America where Black people are equally represented at every level of government. The Collective PAC is strategically focused on creating a truly equitable democracy where our nation’s local, state, and federal governments have diverse and talented elected leadership and Black people are fully represented in positions of power to create the policies necessary to progress our communities forward. Over the past five years, The Collective PAC has successfully helped 300 Black candidates win elections across the United States.