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Press Release | 9.29.22

For Your Radar – September 2022

Throughout 2022, The Collective PAC will provide pertinent updates every month on our work to support Black candidates running nationwide, as well as results of key research projects and groundbreaking initiatives we’ll be undertaking as we work to increase Black political engagement, representation and power across all levels of government.  Keep Reading »

Press Release | 9.21.22

The Collective PAC Endorses 42 Candidates for State & Local Races Across the Country

Today, The Collective PAC endorsed a slate of 42 candidates for state and local races across 23 states. Keep Reading »

Press Release | 9.15.22

The Collective PAC Endorses Six More Candidates to Send to Capitol Hill

Today, The Collective PAC endorsed five candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Ohio, and one candidate for the United States Senate in Arkansas. Keep Reading »

Press Release | 9.13.22

The Collective PAC Congratulates Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos In Rhode Island On Winning her Primary

Today, The Collective PAC congratulates Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos on winning her primary. Keep Reading »

Press Release | 9.7.22

The Collective PAC Congratulates Our Endorsed Candidates On Primary Victories in Massachusetts

Today, The Collective PAC congratulates our endorsed candidates on their primary victories in Massachusetts. Keep Reading »