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The Collective PAC Endorses Wade Hinton for Mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Collective PAC is excited to endorse former City Attorney Wade Hinton in his historic bid to be the first Black mayor of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Keep Reading »

Press Release | 2.18.21

The Collective PAC Endorses Alvin Bragg for Manhattan District Attorney

The Collective PAC is proud to empower and stand with a changemaker like Alvin Bragg who will make our communities safer, restore balance to our legal system, and give a voice to the systemic inequities that have kept true justice out of reach for too many. Keep Reading »

STATEMENT | 2.13.21

The Collective’s Statement on Donald J. Trump’s Acquittal

Today, Donald Trump's enablers and co-conspirators in the U.S. Senate have once again abdicated their duty and betrayed the American people by voting to uphold treason and domestic terrorism against our country instead of the rule of law. Keep Reading »


The Collective PAC Endorses Four Leaders for the Virginia House of Delegates

The work is only just beginning and Kyle Elliott, Rod Hall, Matt Rogers, and Briana Sewell will be strong advocates for progressive policies that support working families and trusted voices for their communities in the House of Delegates. Keep Reading »


The Collective PAC Endorses Jay Jones for Virginia Attorney General

With Jay in this critical office, Virginians will finally have a champion for racial equity and justice, who will reimagine reform, and rebuild a broken system that for too long has not delivered justice to Black and brown people. Keep Reading »